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Covid-19 Updates

Places to find


Best healthy practices


The Center for Disease Control. The CDC has the most up to date information on the Coronavirus in the US.

Visit the (CDC)


World Health Organization. The WHO has declared this virus a pandemic and is working hard to keep the World informed.


Visit the (WHO)


Arkansas Department of Health. The ADH is working overtime to ensure Arkansas is taking all precautions regarding Covid-19.


Visit the (ADH)


Fayetteville Public Schools. The FPS has been working hard to make sure students are still being fed each day. For updates of meals check the page below. 

Visit the (FPS)


Elkins School District. We have many families in Elkins and the Elkins school district is working hard to provide meals as well. 

Visit the (ESD)


Fayetteville City Government. The City has compiled information from multiple organizations. Please check their website for information. 

Visit the site.


Wash hands with a liquid soap for 20 seconds. Sing Happy Birthday twice if you need some entertainment to wash for 20 sec.


Use disinfectant to wash any commonly touched surfaces or objects. Disinfect items more often than usual.


Stay home if you are sick. If you can stay home and distance yourself from others that is a good practice as well.


Be sure to cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue. It is allergy season as well, so please do not judge others during this time.


Avoid touching your eyes, mouth or nose. Germs spread quickly through these touch points. 


Social Distancing means staying at least 6' away from other people who do not live in your household. Wear a mask in public places where you may need to be closer than that. 

What is “flattening the curve?”


Flattening the curve refers to using protective practices to slow the rate of COVID-19 infection so hospitals have room, supplies and doctors for all of the patients who need care.

This image was adapted from the CDC.

A large number of people becoming very sick over the course of a few days could overwhelm a hospital or care facility. Too many people becoming severely ill with COVID-19 at roughly the same time could result in a shortage of hospital beds, equipment or doctors. On a graph, a sudden surge in patients over a short time could be represented as a tall, narrow curve. 


On the other hand, if that same large number of patients arrived at the hospital at a slower rate, for example, over the course of several weeks, the line of the graph would look like a longer, flatter curve. In this situation, fewer patients would arrive at the hospital each day. There would be a better chance of the hospital being able to keep up with adequate supplies, beds and health care providers to care for them. (Information from Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHP) )


Vaccination Information

Fayetteville, Arkansas Details

Are you Eligible?

COVID-19 vaccinations have begun. You can go to this Arkansas Department of Health website to see if you are currently eligible. 

Where can I go?

If you are eligible, this ADH page helps you locate pharmacies that are currently providing the vaccine.

Collier Drug

Collier's Drug in Fayetteville is a great place to ask questions, contact to schedule a vaccination and find out more information.

Need Help?

We have church members ready to assist anyone that needs help in contacting a pharmacy or needs more information.

Please email us at 

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